A blue lake with a lot of trees in the background.
A group of deer grazing in a grassy field.
A small black cabin sitting on a grassy area.
A group of deer hanging out in a shed.
An atv parked in a grassy area with a deer on it.
A view of a valley with trees and a river.
A small outdoor bathroom with a toilet and a shower.

About West Coast Hunting

Discover Our Story

At West Coast Hunting, we’re more than just a hunting service; we’re a gateway to the great outdoors, dedicated to preserving the joy and tradition of hunting for kiwis. Founded with a passion for the wilderness and a deep respect for wildlife, our mission is to provide an accessible, family-friendly hunting experience. We’re here to offer families the opportunity to hunt together and put food on the table. While many hunting businesses focus on serving overseas tourists with premium pricing, we take pride in being accessible and affordable to all New Zealanders.